About Us

Zibbies now inhabit their own virtual world – The Zibbie Zone! The “Zone” is a virtual world where children play and interact with the quirky and cute characters created by Play Visions.

ZibbieZone.com was created by beloved children’s book author Stephen Cosgrove (Penguin Publishing). Cosgrove weaves an engaging tale using the imaginative premise that plush toys begin disappearing into the Internet.

When children visit their friends in the Zibbie Zone, they can play games, adopt virtual characters and even send instant messages to the unofficial Zibbie Zone ambassador, “Duk Duk” who will answer in “real time!”

You will recognize these comical, eccentric creatures by their trademarked Hyperflex™ hair. Hyperflex is a stretchy material that expands to ten times its original size and returns back to its original form. Zibbies…The more you collect, the better the effect!

About Hyperflex™
Hyperflex products are protected by U.S. and International patents. Play Visions makes a large selection of toys made of Hyperflex, including the Award-winning Inside-Out Ball.